Thursday, November 19, 2009

Citizenship Update: Bronx County Clerk Office

Today I called the Bronx County Clerk’s office. The employee I spoke to was extremely helpful. For those looking for information from the New York City area, it will be easy to search for petitions and/or naturalization records. The gentleman said all records have been entered onto an online database. You can access this site by visiting Italian Genealogical Group . General information about Vital Records, as well as a comune database are also accessible.

My search once again came up empty. There was no information on my great great grandfather. The only person from my family that did appear in the search was my great great great grandfather. He had naturalized in Manhattan in 1899. However, census records dated 1920 say that he was still an alien. This leads to the conclusion that census records can not be entirely trusted.

In order to request a ‘No Records’ a form must be submit along with $8 (probably a cashier’s check).

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