Friday, November 13, 2009

Free Hugs All Around, It's on Me!

Yesterday, thanks to Sognatrice from Bleeding Espresso I discovered yet another blog Roam to Rome. On there, I found a great story about students who were giving out.. FREE HUGS! They held up bilingual, English and Italian, signs that advertised. My favorite part of the video was where one of the students held up a sign to a slowly passing police car. The cops were just like, “eff you! I don’t want a hug from you!”

What would you do if someone came up to you an offered a free hug? Roam to Rome summarized the video as such:

“When offered a free hug in downtown Rome, people’s reactions fell into a bell curve consisting of 4 categories.

1) A few people were very enthusiastic and RAN with open arms for the hug with a big grin on their face.

2) Many others just smiled and gladly took a tight hug.

3) Others pretend not to notice, and simply walked away from the hug.

4) A few get upset and flat out rejected the hug.”

The video is posted below, but don’t forget to visit both Bleeding Espresso and Roam to Rome.

Have you enjoyed a hug today?

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