Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Gone for Too Long

I haven’t written in awhile because thinking about what has gone on in the past seven months (it has been two months since I’ve written) has been too painful. Hence my absence on this blog, and any reading of other blogs that I usually enjoy reading. Between breaking up with my fairytale boyfriend, my grandfather being diagnosed with inoperable cancer, my grandparents’ big move from the Poconos in Pennsylvania back into civilization, and my own diagnosis of Celiac Disease, has all been very overwhelming. I had to stop reading the blogs about Italy because they brought back too many memories of times when I was truly happy. My first summer there was the most amazing experience of my life. A moment in time when I did not have to really worry about anything – just being out in the world, having a good time.

Anyway, what I’m saying is that I’m back! Finally.. Another major reason was the my hard drive was so full, making my computer really slow, and it needed an overhaul desperately. So I’ve installed a big external hard drive to accommodate all of my pictures and such. I do have two recipes to share, as sadly, I have not had enough time to experiment. I will also be sharing the snow of ‘09 pictures that I have been wanting to put up. But again, nothing would fit on my hard drive.

The next thing I plan on doing is finally sending out the letter to my comune for my great great grandfather’s cittadinanza papers. Then I’ll be able to make an appointment eventually. Once I have a new job, I’ll be able to proceed with obtaining the rest of the documents.

Also I have so interesting news to share, but I will tell you all once the plans have been finalized. :)

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