Friday, March 5, 2010


Although my journey has thus far not been too long (knock on wood!), I am finally nearing the end of the documents that I have had to collect for my Italian Citizenship application. Tonight, I downloaded the required paper that must be submitted in order to receive an appointment. The consulate contacts you when it has been received. Hopefully they do not call me on a day that I am at work, or I will be so mad!

Here is a list of the documents I have collected so far:

From Italy:
1. great great grandfather’s birth certificate
2. great great grandmother’s birth certificate
3. great great grandparents’ marriage certificate
4. great great grandfather’s death certificate

From the US:
5. great grandfather’s birth certificate
6. great grandparents’ marriage certificate
7. grandmother’s death certificate
8. father’s birth certificate
9. mother’s birth certificate
10. my birth certificate

Items still needed:
1. great great grandmother’s death certificate
2. great grandparents’ death certificate (though I may never be able to receive them)
3. grandfather’s birth certificate
4. grandfather’s death certificate
5. grandparents’ marriage certificate
6. grandmother’s birth certificate

Some documents need to have letters of exemplification, all need to have a signature of the county clerk, and have apostilles. All also need to be translated. Still so much to do, yet little time to do it.

C’est la vie.

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