Thursday, March 4, 2010

Oil Spill in Italy's Po and Lambro Rivers

This past weekend, I was diligently watching RAI USA. RAI is Italy’s news channel, much like our CBS, NBC, and ABC. (Although I think Italy has just one main news station. Someone correct me if I am wrong.) Anyway, this news comes a bit late, but I was awestruck by Italy’s unfortunate oil spill that occurred in their famous Po River. In a Monza (a city in Northern Italy) oil plant, an individual broke in, and opened one of the taps, emptying an estimated 600,000 liters ( that’s 158,000 gallons) of oil and petrol. The spill began in the River Lambro, and continued into the Po. Any efforts to keep the spill from entering the infamous river had failed. As a result, hundreds of birds, and probably fish, have been killed.

For more information, please visit the BBC News – Oil Spill Reaches Italy’s River Po after ‘Sabotage’
Other article coverage can be found at: the Chosun Ilbo

The Guardian

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