Friday, April 16, 2010

Feature Friday: L'Universita' di Urbino

Fellow Italy blogger, BaroqueSicily, asked me a great question about l'Universita' di Urbino. I figured I would address the question once again and elaborate for those of you who did not read it.

Her question was:

jann said...

Urbino has been on my must-see list for quite a few years. Thanks for reminding me that I've got to get there! Can foreigners older than university-age study there? Is is sort of like l'Universita per Stranieri in Perugia in that sense? Or would you say it's mainly young people?
Well, for one thing, I am not sure if the Universita' di Urbino can be compared to the Universita' per Stranieri in Perugia. I have not frequented at said school in Perugia, but might imagine it is more geared towards foreigners. The Universita' di Urbino includes both Italian students for university studies, as well as foreign students who wish to study at the university. In truth, my classes in Urbino were still directed by my university's professors, as in comparison to Urbino's professors. Therefore, I cannot recount my experiences in their classes. However, this is not to say that Urbino does not hold language courses for foreigners.

Each summer, in August, the Universita' di Urbino conducts language and culture courses, which last for four weeks. You can fin out more information on what is offered - fees, courses, and lodging, here. (Actually, there is some contradiction between two of their pages. One states the classes are conducted throughout August, but on the Summer Course page, it lists the dates as July 26 - August 20, 2010.)

The site, however, does not discuss the requirements for the application process, as to whether you need a visa, and what educational documents from the US you will need. My guess would be that you would not need  a study visa for those of you living outside of Italy, as it is only for a month. As for papers showing proof of education, I am not sure about this program. I suggest directly contacting the university.

You can contact the university at:

0722/305 250 (dial +011, if calling outside of Italy)

It states they can speak to you in either English or in Italian over the phone.

You can also e-mail them: -- information available at this e-mail address in English and Italian -- who speaks Italian, English, Spanish, and Greek.

I found Ms. Renga to be very helpful when I was planning to directly apply to the University. You should also contact the closest Italian consulate to your current residency in order to obtain information about any visa requirements.

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