Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Citizenship Update: The Headaches of Delayed Certificates

Back in April, an order had been placed for my great grandmother's birth certificate, and for a little over a month have been patiently waiting for it to arrive in the mail. Today, I decided to call the Archival department in New York City, in order to find out the status of my request. After 3 line transfers, my call was finally put through to the correct department. In summary, they were going to look into why it has been so delayed and has not been sent out. They then plan to mail me the certificate. Hopefully after my phone call, it will be arriving in the next few days. I am understanding how busy they may be, but the site and the phone recording both state it will take up to 30 days for it to be received. My birth certificate was also late coming in, after waiting a total of 45 days!

For those of you who are applying for dual citizenship, you know time is of the essence in having everything prepared on time.

As for an update on my last post, I had e-mailed the consulate located in Newark. Although they did not answer any of the questions I had posed in my e-mail, they did respond. Their response was for me to make an appointment with them, during which I am sure they'll look at me like I'm crazy when I say I'm applying in Italy.

I'm also still waiting for my aunt to find the papers for my grandparents, and for some odd reason, I have a feeling she does not want to give them to me. However, we shall see. My dad plans on making a trip up to Massachusetts some time soon, and when he does I'm make the trip with him. Maybe it will make her feel guilty and hand them over!

Is anyone else out there in the cyber world trying to apply in Italy? If so, share with us your experience by either posting your story in the comment section or by e-mailing me at I can promise your story will be featured on my blog!

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