Friday, May 21, 2010

Feature Friday: Brindiamo!

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Brindiamo, means 'let's toast!', coming from the verb brindare. It is also the name of a show on TV that I accidentally discovered. The show was created and hosted by Ornello Fado, who currently lives in the United States. The program showcases Italy's and the United States finest and most authentic Italian restaurants. Most of the episodes I have seen have been featured in New York City. The show is also a wonder insight not only of Italian cooking, but culture as well. You can even learn quick, easy, but excellent cooking recipes on the show, as she works side-by-side in preparing meals with the chefs.

You can view full episodes on the Brindiamo website by visiting: . Links to promos, podcasts, specials in Italy, and more can be viewed on the home page at:

The first episode I saw on the show was about Lattanzi Restaurant located at 361 West 46 Street in New York City. This caught my attention as Lattanzi is the maiden name of my great-great grandmother, and it would be exciting to see if we are at all related, in spite of the family emigrating to the United States from Rome.

Have you seen this show at all? Share your thoughts with me after having viewed some of the episodes!
Do you have the urge to try some of the featured recipes?

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