Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Italy v. America: Animosity in America

For those of you who have been away from America for some time, I'd like to post some news on the current turmoil churning here. Everyday on the news channels, there's an abundance of information about Arizona's newly imposed immigration laws, Obama's health care reform package being passed, as well as other eyebrow-raising news.

Arizona's New Immigration Law

On Friday, April 23, 2010, Governor Jan Brewer of Arizona signed a new bill on illegal immigration into law. Those opposing the law, have called it, "racial profiling", and "Nazism". Its aim is to identify any illegal immigrants, prosecute them, and have them deported from the country. Before the passing of the law, President Obama has stated he wished to have a federal overhaul on immigration laws, however, in order to counter what was considered an irresponsible act taken on by Arizona's governor. The new Arizona law would consider it a crime if an individual was not carrying his/her appropriate immigration documents, and give police the right to detain those who were suspected of being in the country illegally.Countries, such as France, also allow occasional inspection of papers to review the legitimacy of the presence in the country.
As late as 1907, immigration laws in the United States have required aliens to declare their intention within the US as either permanent or temporary stay. Law during this period also legalized the President's right to refuse entry into the country if it posed detrimental to the US's labor conditions. In 1927, immigration law "made entry by an alien at other than a designated place or by fraud to be a misdemeanor punishable by fine, imprisonment, or both." The law allowed for deportation of the alien or be held in prison until the termination of the imprisonment. (Sources from United States Immigration Services,  Legislation from 1901-1940.)  

Many of the immigration laws have been in place for 100 years, and by Arizona imposing its own set of laws, it thereby adds a state penalty for those immigrating illegally.The United States has had trouble with illegal immigrants for quite some time, and the federal government has failed to instill or produce and laws to help control the problem, thereby causing the state to come up with its own solution.

Unfortunately, in this case, those who are illegal immigrants who are stopped to show proper documentation, can confuse this with racial profiling. Unfortunately a majority of the individuals are from Mexico, and in my opinion, it is unfair to those who follow immigration laws and wait years to become citizens. There are many individuals who are also trying to escape from their country due to issues such as poverty, etc. Those who are here illegally are not taking away the work of Americans. Many Americans think they are too good to stoop down to do menial work. (If there's an abundance of hard laborers, and not many American takers, that says a lot by itself.) However, the problem is that they are here illegally, and it costs the legal taxpayers money in order for illegal immigrants' children to be educated in the public schools, as well as, pay $11 billion per year on unreimbursed healthcare. How legal Americans are not able to have health insurance, but illegal immigrants are able to obtain it, is mind boggling. The Congressional Budget Office has estimated that under the healthcare reform bill, the average government subsidy per person would cost $4,600, and increase to $6,000 by 2019. This would increase the estimates of American taxpayers spending $11 billion per year for the healthcare of illegals to $30 billion.

These estimates do not even include all the other expenses American taxpayers are paying for due to Obama's many other overhauls and bailouts. Continuing to reprint money is not the solution. With millions of Americans out of work, many are baffled, including myself. An estimate by the IRS stated that only 49% of Americans paid their taxes for 2009!
Where is all the money coming from to pay for all of these expenses?

To be continued next week....

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