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The Long Road of Retrieving Documents, Part II

This is a re-post of a previous post as to update readers in case they are interested in my progress of collecting the documents I need for my citizenship. Please see the bottom of this post for most recent updates.

The Long Road of Retrieving Documents

I’ve decided to post a time line of gathering all the necessary documents so that those of you who are deciding to apply for dual citizenship can have an idea of the length of time. For those of you taking this journey into consideration, do not only think of the length of time, but the expense.
The road begins…
Mid-May 2009 – discover the possibility of dual citizenship after hopes for a “permesso di soggiorno per motivi di lavoro” visa are shattered. My research began with
Tips: Having some general information about the individuals you are researching would be wise. Important information such as birth dates and dates of death, also reduce the stress of your search. If you do not happen to be lucky with having any dates, having just the names will give you results. Any information you can squeeze out of relatives also helps.
Around the same time, I contacted the NARA, the National Archives and Records Administration, to inquire about naturalization records for my great-great grandfather.
June 1, 2009 – wrote letter to the comune of Carrara, Italy.
After having consulted a volunteer from a Heritage Center and discovering that my family was in fact from Carrara, Italy (as in Carrara marble), I decided to write a letter to the comune. Each comune has a website and/or listing for phone numbers and fax numbers. My comune’s site is in Italian only, so have a person, who speaks and read Italian, handy.
June 9, 2009 – received e-mail of ‘No Records Found’ for my great-great grandfather’s naturalization records.
I quickly e-mailed the kind lady for a letter that stated such. She was very quick to mail it out. I received the paper in 3 days!
Tip: The NARA does not give any certified or stamped copies for a ‘No Records Found’ letter.
June 23 – July 23, 2009 – search came to a halt due to trip to Italy! :)
Late August – received many documents from Carrara!!!!Re-sent naturalization records search to USCIS, the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services.
This had to be the best day so far! There was so much information included in the package they sent me.
Late September – received great-great grandfather’s death certificate
October 4, 2009 – Order my great grandmother’s birth certificate from the Archives in NYC. (My second attempt at the search) My grandmother’s death certificate was also ordered from Massachusetts. It’s strange that the funeral home only gave us a photocopy and not an actual copy with a stamp or seal.
Tip: If a search is done, and no document is found, you do not get a refund, even if you have no document. A letter will be sent stating that no document was found and that there will be no refund.
October 17, 2009
Received my grandmother’s death certificate after waiting about 2 weeks for it to be sent from Massachusetts. Upon her death we were only presented with a faxed copy. Now we have a stamped official one!
*Latest Update!* Received letter from USCIS about no naturalization records being found. (This is the biggest hurdle, besides actually waiting for your application to be processed!) I had read on the Italian Citizenship site that I refer to that it was taking many request up to 1 year to receive a response. That’s just for them to locate the document. Not including having to then submit more paperwork to receive a copy!
I received mine in a little less than 3 months!
During the end of 2009, not much time was spent on collecting documents.

April 2010

Notarization of 4 of my documents: great-great grandfather's death certificate, great grandfather's birth certificate, mother's birth certificate, great grandparents' marriage certificate.

April 14: ordered my birth certificate, father's birth certificate, and grandmother's birth certificate

May 2010: received father's birth certificate, along with letter of exemplification

May 13: sent father's birth certificate to be notarized

To date, I have the following documents:

1. great-great grandparents' birth certificates and marriage certificates from Italy (total: 3 documents)
2. great-great grandfather's death certificate (1 document, notarized)
3. great grandfather's birth certificate (1 document, notarized)
4. great grandparents' marriage certificate (1 document, notarized)
5. grandmother's death certificate (1 document)
6. father's birth certificate (1 document, currently notarizing)
7. mother's birth certificate ( 1 document, notarized)
8. great grandmother's certificate (1 document pending arrival)
9. USCIS letter of 'No Records'
10. NARA letter of 'No Records'

Documents still needed:

1. grandfather's birth and death certificates (2 documents)
2. parents' marriage certificate (1 document)
3. grandparents' marriage certificate (1 document)
4. Manhattan and Bronx letter of 'No Records'
5. great grandparents' death certificates (2 documents, though not important)
6. grandmother's birth certificate (1 document)

Will I be done before August 31st? Hmmm

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