Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Nightmare on Elm Street

More like nightmare on the via to citizenship, but you get the point. Last night, I had a chance to speak with a translator who was recommended by the consulate in Newark, New Jersey, and also by the mother of a fellow dual citizenship candidate who I know from the university I studied at. If I decide the translator is worth the money, and helpful, I will revel who it is in a later post.

Yes, I could very well do the translations on my own, but what is required to be translated is very particular... so I have heard. Even the tiny fine print on the bottom of the certificates must be translated. What bothered me about the translator was not just the price, which is by the way, $50 per page, but also her, what seemed to me, lack of knowledge. She stated she is well-known at the consulate, and has been working with the consulate for quite some time. Once I mentioned that I wanted to apply in Italy, my doubts about her began to arise.

First, she did not seem to know anything about applying in Italy. Ok, not many people are as crazy as I am, and not as risk-taking as me either. So I will not hold that against her. Secondly, she then said she did not know if she would be recognized as a translator over in Italy. Maybe I will not hold that against her either as maybe she was thinking of qualifications that differ between the two countries, and her translations may not be valid there as they are here. But, what really bothered me was that she stated that the apostilles on my documents may not be recognized either. As far as I know, all the documents are forward to the comune to which you are applying, and is used for international purposes. So why would they not be recognized?

What is your opinion?

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