Saturday, June 12, 2010

Apostilles have Arrived!

Truly, I am sorry that I have not been doing my usual blogging duties. However, I promise that once all normalcy has returned to my life (if that's even possible), I will resume my duties. Actually, this Wednesday I have a great post planned for all of my faithful readings for my usual postings of What's Cooking Wednesday. My sister and I will be planning a dinner for the Father's Day weekend. It will be Father's Day PLUS my mother's birthday the next day.

Anyway, the real reason I wanted to write this post was to say that the rest of the documents I sent out for an apostille arrived today! It took ten days for them to come back. Honestly, I was starting to get worried about them, as I did not think it would be that long for them to actually do the apostilles. When I took them out of the envelope, I was a little disappointed. The one received from Massachusetts was much fancier than those received from New York City. They look like they were just printed off of a computer and stapled to the document. The signature is even computerized!

Yesterday, I sent out another two documents for more apostilles. Also, I am still waiting for my aunt to send me my grandparents' information. This is very nerve-racking seeing as I asked a year ago for these documents, and she still has not sent them. About two weeks ago, the day after my appointment was scheduled, I explained the urgency of needing them, and also explained that it would take a court order for me to get my own copies. Supposedly she is looking for them this weekend, and I really hope she is otherwise.... I will be really mad. I figured a year was already enough time and now there are only two and a half weeks for me to receive them, notarize, and have apostilles attached. This is very worrisome!

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