Saturday, June 26, 2010

Down South Part II

The next day my friends and I woke up early. We were heading to Capri! We began our little adventure by walking to the ticket booth. After purchasing our tickets, we then needed to find out where exactly our boat departed from. Fortunately, yet again, there was another nice local man who happened to know where the boat was located. Unfortunately it was a half hour walk from where we had bought our tickets. The town of Agropoli looked less frightening during the day then it had the night before. There were palm trees that lined an enormous boulevard (it was not a sidewalk) where people could cycle or walk. It was quite beautiful.

After the half hour walk, we finally arrived and immediately boarded the ferry. The ride on the ferry would be yet another two hours before we arrived on Capri. Speeding up the coastline is also a great way to see Italy, especially since one is able to see all the little towns built into the sides of the mountains. After quite a bit of viewing the coastline, the lull of the boat rocked me to sleep. It seemed like I had slept quite a bit, but it was probably only just fifteen minutes because after those fifteen minutes, we had already arrived. The boat docked and we all stepped back onto land, but we would soon be on another boat. Once we had arrived, we planned on circling the entire island, which was a five-hour ride. Before leaving, we got some food from one of the cafes and met our captain. (Pictured on the right-hand side) Unfortunately, I do not remember his name. Sorry, I'm awful with names! But, I will tell you that he was a very nice man. 

As soon as we departed from the shores, we began devouring our lunch, along with the gorgeous, tasty figs that the captain had brought on board for us. Along our way we saw enormous yachts - ones that had a parking garage with yet another boat parked inside of it. Smaller boats nuzzled up next to the large vessel. Apparently when out on your yacht you can never travel with too many boats. Speed boats whizzed by, and other tourist boats with lots of people enjoyed the sights as well.

At one point, after being given the OK, we jumped off the boat and swam. The water was so warm, but relaxing, and it was not difficult to swim due to the amount of salt in the water. This was a big step for me, as for the past few years I no longer ventured into the sea. (That's a story for another time.) Right by the rock in the picture below is near where we jumped off.

We swam through one of the arches, like the one at the top of the page, and the water changed to a dark blue. However, you could still see the bottom; the sand undulating like hills underneath the waves. Once back on board, we went through another arch, and were told to make a wish. Yes, I know very touristy! If you go back to Capri, the wish is said to come true... Sorry, but I can't tell you my wish, otherwise it won't come true.

After circling the whole island, we lazily walked back onto shore. Now, it was time to do some shopping. There would not have been enough time for us to go see more sights on the island. That would have to be for another time, but it certainly would not have been during that year. Hopefully, I'll be able to go back sometime in the near future. 

During our stay on the island, two of my other friends and I stopped at a cafe for drinks and gelato. Everywhere we went, we HAD to stop for a gelato.

We even took pictures with our drinks and with our gelato. Could people tell we were tourists? Yes, definitely, as we made the most out of trip. Plus, my blond hair gives me away. That's from the Irish part of my family. We also could not get rid of one of the waiters (pictured below), who claimed he was going to move to America with my friend G, and marry her. During those kinds of moments, I was fortunate enough not to know enough Italian to understand what was going on. Hence I escaped from being hit on by as much as G did. (One time G was nearly kidnapped in Florence, but that's another story).

The creepy Italian even called my phone. G had used his SIM card in my phone to make a call, and somehow my numbers were transferred to his phone. Why she did not just use his phone, I have no idea. Unless she told him my number! Every day he would call my phone, until finally my boyfriend picked up and told him to buzzer off!

To be continued

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