Thursday, June 24, 2010

Love Thursday: Shopping with Mom

Yesterday turned out the be a great day. It was time well spent with my mom. Both of us decided to take the week off from work this week. She needed to use up her vacation time, so it was only natural that she did it the week of her birthday. On Sunday, my sister and I made a dinner for our parents to celebrate both Father's Day and my mom's birthday. (Recipes soon to follow!) My grandmother had also come to visit us from Connecticut since my aunt, who lives close to her, went away on vacation with my uncle. (Much deserved I might add.) Any-who, my grandmother has been pestering my mother for the past few days to do some shopping for her, so the two of us ventured out together. Our excursion began innocently with food shopping and picking up some other necessities that Grandma needed. However, our outing became bad. For us, bad is going out doing clothes and shoe shopping. Really, I should not be spending any money on such things, and my small following should understand why -  due to the burning hole in my pocket from my dual citizenship. Please refer to all previous posts in order to understand.

So, do I feel guilty? Certainly! However, I would not have traded any of the time I spent with my mom.

Happy Love Thursday!

Have you been bad lately as well?

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