Monday, June 14, 2010

More About Me

10 years ago today, I would have been:

  • in my second year of high school
  • training in both ballet and Rhythmic Gymnastics
5 years ago today, I would have been:

  • finishing my first year of college
  • overcoming an injury due to my first year in college (I was in performing arts)
  • deciding whether or not to attend the same university or transfer
  • making the at-the-last-minute decision not to go back and begin a new path
1 year ago today, I would have been:

  • finally graduating with a BA in Linguistics
  • juggling two jobs
  • making my latest trip to Italy
  • beginning my quest for dual citizenship
This year, I am:

  • eventually moving to Italy
  • finishing collecting my documents for Italy
  • nervous about what I may encounter on this new road
Today, I:

  • cleaned my room
  • got soaked in a rain shower
  • got mad when I thought about my aunt needing to give me my grandparents' documents
Next year, I:

  • hope to be enjoying my new life in Italy
  • hope to be planning a trip back home from Italy to visit family
  • hope to be very happy
  • hope to have finally found myself a nice career
In 5 years, I hope:
  • to be insanely in love with someone
  • be married
  • to be very happy
  • to continue enjoying life

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