Thursday, June 3, 2010

Search for Grammy's Birth Certificate

Actually it is the birth certificate of my great grandmother. New York City is giving me such a hard time tracking down this certificate. This is the third time I have searched for it, with the first searches resulting in a 'No Records Found' letter. Seeing as it has been well over a month (the order was placed on April 20), and I have not received any letter or any certificate, it was time to call. After trying to patiently wait, I decided to call last week. The woman who I spoke (and I unfortunately did not know her name since I spoke to three different people that day), told me they would look into the delay of the record. I received no phone call, even though I was told I would receive one. No record arrived or even a letter. It usually will take only two days for something to arrive from the City once they send out something. Since there was no information received, I decided to try calling again. My first result was that of me hanging up on myself as I was waiting on hold to speak to a representative from Vital Records. Damn chin! My second attempt had some results, maybe. I was told the same thing - "we are sending your status check request to the birth certificate department, and someone will give you a call back." This time I made sure they had my phone number, transaction number, and the name of the person that I was requesting documents for. All of the information should be able to be pulled up upon entering the transaction as you are required to provide a telephone number.

Let's see if this will give me any results. Now I have a name of a person I spoke to!

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