Monday, June 28, 2010


Just wanted to update all of my fellow readers, but my appointment at the consulate is quickly approaching. Only two more days! Hopefully, being the loyal blogger that I am, I will remember to bring my camera to photograph the outside of the consulate to show evidence of me being there. It has been a little over a year in the collection of all of these documents.

Oh! Plus my grandmother's birth certificate was finally sent by my aunt. It, unfortunately, is not the correct format that is needed. All consulates require a long format of the certificate. When my grandmother requested hers in 1993, according to the date on the document, she was given the short format, or more of an abbreviated version. Tomorrow, I plan on calling the NYC Department of Health to see if it would be possible for me to acquire the version that I need. Hopefully, with the birth certificate and death certificate in hand, I will be able to get it if I go in-person. (Post will follow to let all of you know what the outcome was.)

So as to get an idea of the cost of everything, I will break it down for you:

Total translation costs thus far: $855
Costs of documents: about $195, but I think I spent more since newer documents through Vital Check cost nearly $40, as opposed to all the other documents costing about $25.
Cost of documents to be notarized: about $32
Cost of Apostille: $70

Total: $1,152

These are rough estimations, and in some areas I think I may have spent more. This estimate does not include the $10 per page that I must pay in order to have each translation stamped in order to use them over in Italy.

I also e-mailed the consulate to see if my father could accompany me during my appointment. Someone responded today and said he could come. I've heard that it is important that you first ask, otherwise they get annoyed when more than one person shows up for the appointment. This will be somewhat of a relief as I will not have to do this by myself.

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