Thursday, July 8, 2010

Crisis Averted

Today, after trying to get in touch with the Department of State, which is the office you must send your documents to for an apostille, for an hour, my father's birth certificate and mine have been found! Last week, I called the office inquiring on their status, as I had sent them in on June 10. The lady that I spoke to stated that the documents had been processed. My reply was, "oh ok! So I'll just have to wait for them to come in the mail." This was still kind of strange as I had sent a prepaid priority mail envelope. Since nothing had arrived in the mail, I became more worried about the possibility of them being lost in the mail. Many of us have had our woes with the Italian postal service, but with the United States Postal service? Nothing never usually happens except that some things arrive a little later than you thought they would.

So, I decided to call the office once again. For those of you also dealing with NYC, use this number to skip calling whoever it is that does the transfers of calls. I was provided this number when I received a notarized document: 212-417-5801. However, here is another number so you do not have to continually pester the person who perhaps is at some front desk at the office. haha! The kind lady, who recognized my voice supplied me with this number: 212-417-5747. This number allows you to just jump into the list of extensions for services done by the Department of State. In the first menu, press 5 for Apostille and traffic violations (or something like that. Then press 1 for Apostilles. Again press 1 in the third menu for a representative at the Apostille Office.

Be sure to photocopy documents AND write down dates as to when they were sent to be notarized, apostilled, or ordered. This will help in the process so those helping you in the office can better assist you.
After speaking to yet another employee, I gave my address (I'm so stupid!), and was informed that they were being sent out right away.

Crisis averted!


  1. I've been following your journey so far; seems cumbersome and worrisome. Good luck to you; you are dealing with a lot of red tape here. I hope it will all be worth it at the end.

  2. Yes, indeed.. and not just from Italy, but also from the States as well. Both countries give you a hard time.