Thursday, July 29, 2010

Grandma's BC Arrives, and Other Great News

Yesterday, another important piece of mail arrived - my grandmother's birth certificate. Unfortunately the form that my aunt had and mailed to me was in short form. This is not accepted for international use. It must be in international/long form in order for it to be able to receive an Apostille. In order to receive such a document, you must request it, otherwise you will receive a short form version of the document.

The only two documents that I need are two more 'no records found' for my great-great grandfather's naturalization. Before leaving, I plan to make yet another trip to the consulate to have them review my papers and to have the last remaining translations notarized.

In other news, a date has been set for my arrival in Italy. I would have like to have been able to go sooner, but the prices of the flights were ridiculous in the beginning of September. Why would I pay exorbitant prices when I know a much cheaper flight can be found? So, it has been decided by the plane gods that I will be leaving September 15, and arrive the 16 since it is an overnight flight. I am so excited!!!!

Soon I will be blogging to you from Italy! In turn this will start yet another chapter here on Passage to Italy.


  1. Wow you've really gone thru bureaucratic hell and come out happy the other side! BRAVA!!!! "See" you in Italy!

  2. By the way, I love your photo header!

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  4. Hi Jann!

    Thank you!!! Yes, I have definitely gone through a lot of bureaucratic hell. However, I'll hold my tongue on this one until I've gone through the entire process. Who knows what it'll be like once I get to Italy. I'm sure I'll run into more red tape or something. As always, I'll keep you posted.

    (Editing comment to add)

    By the way, a friend from school is also applying. Her mother had an appointment today at the consulate. Her mother will be applying here in the US, and then my friend will hopefully be applying in Italy like I am.

    Best of luck to them!