Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Si Parte?

That's Italian for 'Leaving?', or literally 'One is leaving?'. Currently, I am in the works of planning for my arrival in Italy, and have been contacting the comune via e-mail, just to make sure I have everything. I am so excited that I am almost done with collecting all of my documents! Thankfully, my birth certificate and my father's arrived today in the mail, AND also my parents' marriage certificate. It took over a month for the birth certificate to finally come through. Most of the translations are done, as well. The only things left to translate are: a page of my great grandparents' marriage certificate, my parents' marriage certificate, my grandmother's birth and marriage certificate.

If I've understood the e-mail correctly that I received from the Stato Civile (civil state office), there are less requirements than there are here in the United States. If I had decided to apply in Italy much sooner, it would have taken me half the time to gather all the documents. In the comune, they will only be requesting the Italian side of my family, meaning, my great-great grandfather's birth and marriage certificate, my great grandfather's birth and marriage certificate, my grandmother's birth and marriage certificate, my father's birth and marriage certificate, and my birth certificate. Nothing was mentioned about the death certificates, and nothing was mentioned about the non-Italian side, which is good because it would be difficult to get my grandfather's birth certificate.

Make sure that if you are applying in Italy that you contact the Stato Civile to be sure of what documents are required of you.

Is it worth it? Yes, I think so. Without having done this whole process researching my family and gathering documents, my family and I would not know as much. Sure, there were some things we knew about our family members, but with these papers we know even more, and that is priceless.

If you are making the move to Italy, or have made to move, share your story with us! I will gladly do a feature on your story in 'Feature Friday'. You can reach me by e-mail at:

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