Friday, August 20, 2010

Feature Friday: Mach's Grun

That's German for 'Make it Green'! Mach's Grun is a program which was started in Germany to reduce the carbon footprint caused by blogs. The Arbor Day Foundation plants trees for those who participate, and will be doing so until late summer. The plan is to offset the carbon dioxide emissions for up to 50 years.

For now, the trees are being planted to help the reforestation of the Plumas National Forest, which is located in the Sierra Nevada, United States. Once reforestation has been completed in this area, the program hopes to continue with the planting of more trees in another national forest.

According to the Mach's Grun site, Harvard University physicist, Alexander Wissner-Gross, calculated how much carbon dioxide is emitted into the atmosphere per visit to a blog. He estimated that approximately  .02g of carbon dioxide for each visit is emitted, and if there are an average of 15,000 visits per month, that would calculate to 3.6kg, or 8lb, of CO2. How could a blog create so much pollution? Well, think about the amount of electricity that is used to run your computer and the mainframes, especially if you sit for hours. It was further estimated by the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change that the yearly absorption of CO2 by a tree is between 10 to 30 kilos, or 20 to 70 pounds.

How can you participate in this movement? Visit the Mach's Grun website to find out more details! There is no reason not to do it because it's free!

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