Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Final Days

There are only three more weeks left until my departure. My room is a complete disaster, and looks much like a hurricane has passed through. Clothes are piled all throughout the room, while small collections of bags of things to be thrown out are in my room... Must remove those bags as it would probably create more room for me to work in.

How exactly does one decide what to bring with them when they are making a move that is possibly forever? I know I will be back as frequent as possible, and will be able to bring more things with me with each trip. However, the thought of having to pack my entire life into two to three small suitcases (small to me as I have lots of clothes) is saddening. My mother continually antagonizes me about all the things I will miss her. It has become a ritual of our evening tea/chamomile before we wander of to bed. She asks, "how on earth will you continue to do that without me?"

I have to admit that there are many things that I will indeed miss, but most of all it's my family I'll miss the most. Is it possible to miss something/someone even when you're still in his/her/their/its presence? The thought of missing out on my father's birthday, my relatives' birthdays, Christmas with my family

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