Saturday, August 14, 2010

Seeing Stars

One of my favorite pastimes during the summer is seeing the meteor showers during the month of August. Every year, the Earth passes through debris of a comet. This year was the Perseids meteor shower. Perseids has been observed in the night skies for over 2,000 years, and orbits the sun every 133 years. The debris is made up of ice and dust from the comet, which burns up in the Earth's atmosphere. It is certainly a sight to see.

The height of the meteor shower was August 11-12, or 12-13. The past two nights have been really cloudy here in New Jersey, so once again my mother and I were a bit saddened that we were not able to see it at its best. However, throughout the month of August, one is able to see a few stragglers.

According to NASA, and their live feed video, meteors actually create sounds - pings, whistles, and blips. Hearing these sounds from ancient objects that have flown through the depths of space is eerie, yet beautiful at the same time. Who would have thought they could make music?! Visit the NASA website in order to hear the sounds.

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  1. It was pretty cloudy here too...I've never really had much luck seeing the shower.