Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Bad News.....

As most of my faithful readers know, which are about like 5 people, I have been in the works of preparing for my move to Italy. Sadly, however, that will not be happening. My flight was to leave next Wednesday, and arrive in Bologna, Italy on Thursday. My ex decided rather suddenly that it was best that I not come. So with my bags half packed and my ticket already purchased a month ago, you can imagine just how upset and mad I am.

In spite of the negativity ensuing from this unfortunate event, there is something positive about it. It is better that the heartless pig told me now before I left, rather than arrive and then be told. I would have been stuck in hell for three months, which was when my round trip was scheduled for, just in case something happened with my papers... or in something like this.

Even though I no longer have the opportunity to apply in Italy for citizenship, I will however be applying in the US at the Newark consulate. Let's hope the experience with them is not as traumatic. haha

I promise tomorrow's post will be less depressing than this one.....


  1. Sorry to hear of your bad news but I'm glad that you did find something positive about it! That's the best way to deal with situations like this...and who knows, a great opportunity might come along that you would have otherwise missed had your plans gone according to schedule...
    Keep Smiling,
    Vanessa from Optimal Optimist

  2. So sorry to hear! Hope you eventually get to go to Italy and enjoy the experience.

  3. Oh NO. I'm so sorry - definitely for the best that he did it before you left, rather than after, but his sense of timing is still dreadful. Everything happens for a reason, however, so let's hope this is an augur of better things to come.

  4. Oh my! That's terrible :( Would you be able to come anyway even for a little vacation if not for the whole three months? I don't think I'd waste the ticket just b/c of him ;)

  5. Thank you everyone for your kind words. I am trying to sort out a way so as not to lose my ticket.. trying to see if I can offset the date, but that comes with a fee. Will let you know what happens.

  6. Thank you for sharing your story! Hang in there, and just remember you can always move to Italy without him. Many people do and you make it work! I was supposed to be married to someone 5 years ago and we wanted to eventually move to Italy, he decided to leave the relationship, and I decided to move to Florence on my own. It took a lot of time, effort and heartache, but it was the best move I ever did.

    I love it here now, and enjoy hearing about others love affair with all things Italian! Good things await you bella! buona fortuna!

  7. Christy -

    I just started reading your blog and find your story so interesting. As I keep telling myself, everything happens for a reason, as it has for you, and it has for me. Hopefully in the near future there will be an opportunity again. It will just take some time, since the wait no relies on citizenship.

    Hope you are living life to the fullest in la bella Italia! In bocca al lupo!