Wednesday, September 22, 2010

My Consulate Appointment

Thank you for everyone who offered their kind words after hearing about my plans being canceled. It was truly devastating for me, as a lot of time and preparation had been put into making the eventual move. As they say, "everything happens for a reason."

Anyway, as I am not one to easily give up once I have my mind set on something, I am continuing my citizenship process state-side. After giving myself a couple of days to recuperate, a new mission has already begun - making an appointment with the Italian consulate. Before I was scheduled to leave, I had been trying for weeks to get in touch with someone, anyone, at the consulate. It should have been obvious that speaking to someone in the weeks before ferragosto, the time in August in which Italians have summer vacation, that this was an impossible feat. E-mailing them resulted in responses such as,

"Signora, siamo sommersi in richieste,"

Ma'am we are inundated with requests,

and was then directed to a phone number. In case you did not know, the consulate has taken down all department extension numbers, so now you must call the general switchboard, which no one answers. You must then leave a message, but they will not get back to you for a week or so. Fortunately after ferragosto, they have been a bit more responsive. Plus, a fellow applicant gave me the name of someone I could direct an e-mail to. In addition to that, I've also found that the consulate will answer your e-mail much quicker if you write in Italian.

After calling several times, and sending e-mails, I finally got a response. They asked for my information and said they would get back to me with a date. A couple of days after that e-mail, I received a phone call about the message I had left. The woman had asked about the message I left, which had been a week or so prior, and I said it was in regards to making an appointment. She said, "I sent you the appointment information to your e-mail this morning." Since I was out and about with my mom searching for closet organizing systems (a project I've taken up), I had not checked my e-mail.

So the conclusion of this long, winded story is that I have an appointment for August 2011! Since Italy had not required death certificates, I did not worry about gathering them, also because they were a hassle. However, since the Newark consulate requires them ( why?! why?! why?!), I will now have to go through court orders. Thank you, thank you again to my ex, who has not only caused me to throw money out the window for my plane ticket, but now I must spend even more money to get all this done. Grrr!


  1. I am amazed at how long you have to wait for oyur consulate appointment :(

  2. Hi Catherine,
    I just read your last post too--I'm soooo sorry!!! But I'm glad you're not giving up on Italy. Stay strong & remember what doesn't kill you... You're gorgeous, young & persistent, and are bound for much happiness ahead! Buona fortuna, jann

  3. Hi LindyLou!

    Yes,I was shocked also when I read my e-mail. When I had first checked the time it would take to wait for an appointment back in July, they said they were making appointments for March. It's amazing how many people are applying! However, I think it is in part because (as I've read rumors on an Italian dual citizenship site) that the consulate in Philly is closing. Why? I have no idea. Perhaps budget cuts by the Italian government?

    Hi Jann,

    Thank you for your kind words. I'm definitely not giving up. There has already been so much time and money invested in this 'adventure' to give up all hope now. Thank you again!

  4. Catherine,

    I wrote to you awhile back and am sorry to hear things haven't gone your way. Quick up date, I waited a year to get my appointment with the Newark Consulate but finally met with them on 9/20/2010. The appointment went ok, I have some docs to change. One thing to watch out for with them they are really strict with "Names" on the docs. The names need to match. In this country people seem to use middle names on some docs and not others. Well they require that the middles names appear as per the birth certificate on all docs. The lady I met with said that and initial is ok but it has to be on there. So now I have three docs that need to be fixed, new apostiles, and re translated. Just wanted to let you know.

    Thanks Jim

  5. Thank you for that tip.

    On my documents, there are Americanized names. Example, Giuseppe is Joseph. I haven't checked for middle names though, and will check. I think I will have to wait though for my appointment just to see exactly what (if) anything needs to be changed. Most of my records are pretty consistent surprisingly.

  6. Catherine,

    My father was born in the US and the name on his Birth was Francesco but everything else reads Frank. They are making me change the docs so everything either reads Francesco or Frank. Just wanted to let you know because I know the cost add up to get the Apostilles and Translations done.


  7. Hi Jim!

    Oh do I know that the costs add up! :( Everything is done for the most part. I have everything translated already and only need 4 more docs in order to apply here. I will probably have to have a couple of docs changed with names, but I haven't figured out that process yet. (How to apply to have an affidavit done.) I will be soooo happy once everything is finally done, and I won't have to worry about this anymore.

    On one of the documents, my great-great grandmother's death certificate has an "L" as her middle initial. That's really weird though. Her maiden name is Lattanzi, so I'm guessing she kept her maiden name and took on my great-great grandfather's last name.

    Do you have any suggestions for the affidavits?

    Thanks Jim!

    Keep me updated about your application. Good luck!


  8. Catherine,

    I have a lot of docs and most I don't even need. I am going through my father's father (Grandfather) to obtain Citizenship. At Newark they required:

    1. Grandfather's Birth, Marriage, and Death all from Italy.

    2. Grandfather's Naturalization Papers.

    3. Father's Birth and Marriage, all USA.

    4. My Birth, Marriage and Divorce all USA.

    Nothing from my Wife, Mother or Grandmother other then marriage.

    5. Also my Daughter's birth, I am getting dual for her as well.

    It seems like they don't care about anyone outside the line form you to the person you are using, unless you plan on getting it for them as well.

    As for the Affidavits, I have not had to get one.

    Thanks Jim

  9. Hi Jim,

    Very interesting! Thank you for sharing. I don't know. Newark is very confusing. Their site lists that you need both sides. For my friend's appointment they wanted death certificates, but were only concerned about seeing the documents of the Italian side. I e-mailed them as NYC is being a pain about 2 death certs., and they said I need to show them.. Clearly my great grandfather wouldn't be still alive.. He'd be .. 116 by now. LOL

    I e-mailed the consulate to ask them if I need affidavits.. even though the site says yes. Their site doesn't seem to be very up-to-date.

    Let me know when you've finally received it!!!