Monday, November 8, 2010

Off the Beaten Trail: Isole Tremiti, Puglia

View of San Nicola, abbey and castle
The Isole Tremiti, or Tremiti Islands in English, have a past rich in history. During ancient Roman times, they were known as Insulae Diomedeae. According to legend, Diomedes, a Greek hero and Trojan War veteran, landed on the islands and was buried there. The name was later changed to Trimitensis Insulae, derived directly from how they were formed - through tremolanti, tremors, from seismic activity. With the change from Latin to Italian as the official language, they are now known as Le Isole Tremiti.

The islands are an archipelago located of southern Italy's Eastern coast in the Adriatic Sea. In the Middle Ages, they were conveniently located, serving as a link for Northern, Central and Southern Italy coastal lanes. This enabled Italy to easily conduct trading business with Istria, Dalmatia, Greece, and other Eastern Mediterranean countries. Influences on trading, warfare, architecture, culture, and politics continually changed based on who ruled Southern Italy - the Byzantines, the Lombards, the Holy Roman Empire, the Normans, Saracens, and even the Greeks.

San Nicola's port
Today the Tremiti Islands fall under the region of Puglia, and are considered to be in the province of Foggia. To reach the islands, one must take a traghetto, ferry, from Manfredonia, Pescara, Peschici, Rodi Garganico, Tremoli, Vasto, or Vieste.

Have you been to the Isole Tremiti?


  1. These were not even on my radar! I loved Puglia when I was there so I'll keep these islands in mind for my next trip. I usually love any old island!

  2. It is so beautuful. Hope to visit this island someday.
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  3. Jann - You must keep them in mind! I mean, it's not Capri, but it is definitely worth the trip to see.

    Jeani - I agree! Those pictures were taken by me of the islands. The photos do not do the islands and their surroundings justice though. In person is always better.

    lucea - Thank you!

    And thank you to anyone else who has stopped by!