Wednesday, August 10, 2011

August 9, 2011 Consulate Appointment Recap

Wow! I have not posted on my blog in quite some time and I do apologize to anyone out there reading it. There were not many updates on my citizenship process, and work has been quite hectic, hence my prolonged absence. However, as of yesterday, I do  have some VERY exciting news. Yesterday was my appointment, which I had been waiting for a year, at the Newark, New Jersey consulate. The weather was quite crummy yesterday, with an overcast sky, which soon opened up into rain. My father and I both took the train to Penn Station in Newark, which is located right across the street from the consulate. Since we had arrived an hour early (with trains you can never be sure as to whether there will be delays with NJTransit), we grabbed some lunch. After a quick lunch, we also got coffee, and slowly made our way up to the first floor of the building on which the consulate is located. It was 2:15pm when we arrived at the office, and the appointment was at 2:30pm. We were told to wait in the waiting area, and were finally allowed in 10 minutes after my scheduled appointment. No big deal. The office was rather quiet, and no other applicants were there.

I must say I was a bit nervous. It almost seemed like judgment day. Not because I wasn't sure whether I qualified or not. I was 99% sure I did. What worried me the most were the possible discrepancies in the documents. She slowly began to check over the documents, of course beginning with my ancestor (great great grandfather) who would begin the line. For those of you who are just beginning to follow this long journey, his papers are from 1868! Everything checked out well, including his American death certificate, which was missing his date of birth. However, all the other information, including his age, were fine, and therefore accepted. As she slowly went through each part of my family tree, I was relaxing more and more. None of the Americanized names would need to be changed.

The only document that was unfortunately missing was my great grandfather's death certificate. Upon initially attempting to receive it from New York, my request was denied. So one of my tasks is to try to obtain the document, and if I am unable to, must receive an official document stating it cannot be released to me. She also stated that I must have all of my papers, except for the Italian originating ones, authenticated by the NY consulate, since they all come from NY. My family and I reside in New Jersey, thus I must apply here.

She then said, of course you know you qualify. She was also very impressed with the amount of research I had done, and stated it was like I had the history of Italy within my documents. Italy has only been a state since 1861, and my great great grandfather was born only 7 years later in 1868. My response to this was that my papers go back even further back past 1845, but of course, they do not pertain to my request to acknowledge my Italian citizenship.

Once what has been requested of me is done, I can make an appointment to officially apply. My guess is that I should have my passport within a few months based on my comune's response time. So I have been very excited about the outcome, and am happy all of my hard work and hard earned money were worth the wait and effort.

If you have any questions about my appointment, applying, information about finding documents, please feel free to message me at anytime at

Buona serata tutti!


  1. Ciao, Catherine! I was reading your post and your story sounds a lot like mine... I've had my citizenship recognized in 2008 and I'm positive you soon will have yours :) good luck!

  2. I am happy that someone posted their thoughts about the consulate appointment.

  3. Sorry for such a delayed response to the both of you. Thank you, Nina and you're welcome golf vacations Arizona.