Tuesday, May 8, 2012

What is PassagetoItaly Up To?

Brainstorming ideas for this blog has temporarily been put on hold. However, I thought it was imperative to update you all on what is going on with my citizenship. Back in August was my appointment with the Newark consulate in New Jersey that confirmed that it was indeed possible for me to formally recognize my Italian citizenship. I was convinced that I did in fact qualify for recognition. After hearing many people say it would never work, the line is too far back, I poured over numerous citizenship laws just to be sure of my belief. Lo and behold, I was right and the consular officer stated, "obviously you know that you qualify. Do you do work in research? Your research is very thorough. It's like I have the history of Italy in my hands!" After all my hard work, I was beaming when I heard this, naturally. She then stated that my papers would have to be further reviewed at the New York City consulate. Why? Who knows! My thoughts - perhaps in case Italy had to make financial cuts to certain consulates due to its economic instability. Not quite sure.

Since my appointment, I have e-mailed the New York City consulate to acquire the information needed to send my paperwork there. Their response was that there were two options: (1) to make an appointment to come into the city for my papers to be reviewed, which would be a two month wait period, or (2) mail in my papers with the provided form filled out.

The latter option seems more practical, as I have started a new job, and it would be difficult at this time to take off and trek into NYC. However, honestly, I am bugging out about the possibility of my papers being lost in the mail! Of course I will take every necessary precaution for that not to happen - certified mail, quick arrival date, etc. With all the necessary precautions being made, it is still nerve racking! Thus, I'm triplicating ALL documents just in case, and may even make duplicate files on my computer... just in case.


If any of you have any questions about the process, please do not hesitate to message me here, or e-mail me at:

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