Sunday, November 4, 2012

PassagetoItaly and Hurricane Sandy

Dear Readers,

On Monday October 29, 2012, Hurricane Sandy struck New Jersey and New York. Thankfully my family and home are fine in spite of being located on the Jersey Shore. We live further inland, and only lost power, cable and Internet. However, many directly on the shoreline in my hometown, neighboring towns, and parts of New York were not so fortunate. Many have lost their homes, their businesses, and even their lives. Mandatory evacuations were ordered, but many heeded the warnings, as it was only last year Hurricane Irene came through. Hurricane Irene did not affect this area as much, and thus people decided to bunker down at home.

Hurricane Irene was different because it was warmer weather. It was also a much weaker storm. I fear for those who have been displaced by Hurricane Sandy as it is becoming colder and colder. Next week, it as been forecasted that a Nor'easter will pass through this area, bringing more rain and/or snow.

If there is any way for anyone to donate supplies, clothing, and other necessities, please reach out to organizations such as the American Red Cross.

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