Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Hold Your Translator Dear to You!

As I have probably mentioned many times on here, I have been procrastinating finishing my citizenship. But enough is enough. By mistake, I sent my last document request in April to the NYC office for record requests, instead of NY State. Earlier, this mistake would not have been made, as I had memorized where every document request had to be made throughout the entire process.

I had forgotten!

I had begun emailing my translator back in January stating I need a couple of more docs translated. She replied, no problem! Yesterday, I sent a follow-up apologizing for the delay as I had been procrastinating, and that I would still need docs translated. She told me to stop procrastinating, get my papers organized because Newark is now setting up appointments and processing much faster. I then told her that during my appointment, they had told me I needed to apply the NY... This was probably why I was procrastinating so much. I had read about many horror stories involving the NY consulate, and experienced unpleasant conversations with one of their workers.
Very unhelpful.
Very rude.
Very strict.

They do not like to budge!

She then quickly emailed me back, "don't send them to NY. Send them into Newark. New rules."

Ok, so what the new rules are exactly, I have no idea. But, I'm sending my papers to Newark then, and suddenly became motivated. I created a spreadsheet of all my documents I needed, a column for everything that needed a copy of the original, and everything left for translation... It turned out I had more documents to be translated - a total of 5!

I just finished scanning them all into the computer, and quickly wrote up another e-mail to her. Hopefully she doesn't freak out at the amount of scans. There were probably 12 pages. UGH!

Tomorrow, I'll begin making copies of everything that needs copies and make sure all the copies are clear. I may need to re-copy some of them as parts look either cut off or not clear. The fact that I am so much closer to the finish line, makes me SO excited. She renewed my faith in finishing the process finally.

I will let everyone know once everything's been organized. I will have everything ready by the time the last doc request comes back, which will probably take 3 weeks. Then email that final translation over, and I'm all set! :)

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