Friday, September 20, 2013

Incoming Translations

My translator and I have been talking back and forth since probably the end of July. I had a total of nine other documents that had to unfortunately be translated. I did not realize how many there were! Altogether, I think there were probably a total of 20 scans to her.

Anyway, the translations are currently in the mail to me!! :)

Of course, I have also hit a road block. I constantly heard horror stories of bureaucratic red tape with the Italian government. Honestly, the US government is just as bad, if not worse. I am requesting my father's grandfather's death certificate from New York State for the final time. The first time I applied, they denied sending a copy to us. On the second time around, they would now like an affidavit stating basically what all the birth certificates, marriage certificates, and death certificates that were sent to support who we are. If this does not work, and they deny sending a copy, all that I have will have to do. The Italian consulate asked that I try to request it again, and that is what I am doing. Once I receive a response, my application for citizenship will be finally sent in.

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