Monday, July 14, 2014

Second Request to NARA, Final Attempt at GGF's Death Certificate

Per my appointment at the consulate in Newark prior to its closure, which occurred February 2014, they requested that I request the 'No Records Found' my great great grandfather's naturalization again.
On the paperwork, there is a discrepancy - it is not the correct date of birth and reads 01/01/1868. I am therefore conducting a second search which will hopefully render paperwork with the correct DOB.

Since I had done the original search in 2009, it took me quite some time to research and figure out how to request a search from the NARA. I can post more information on the NARA process at a later date.

As for my great grandfather's death certificate, they asked that I again attempt to request it from New York State. Who would think that in my own country I would encounter so much red tape? The following paperwork was submitted:

  1. Great grandfather's birth certificate
  2. Great grandfather's marriage certificate
  3. Grandmother's birth certificate
  4. Grandmother's marriage certificate to show last name change
  5. Grandmother's death certificate
  6. Father's birth certificate
After all that paperwork, New York State still required more proof that my father is who he says he is. A notarized affidavit, along with the consulate's requirements must be mailed in addition to everything else that was sent in.

The closure of the consulate at the tail end of the process has put me in a bit of a predicament. My county now falls under the NYC consulate's jurisdiction once again. I have already had two appointments: one in August 2011 and the other in November 2013 in Newark. All of my paperwork is set to be submitted with the application to recognize citizenship with the exception of the aforementioned documents. However, I am not sure if they require that I come in-person again since this is a different consulate. If so, I do not know the wait time for NY, and for an appointment it now costs 300 euros. More will be posted on this new law passed by Italian Parliament when I have done more research. 

Per the website, appointments may be given in a year's time. Hopefully, this does not apply to me and I can just mail my paperwork in.

I will update my blog if I hear anything in regard to the email I sent to NY about whether I have to make a third appointment or not. I am hoping I do not.

For those of you who did not know Newark's consulate was closed, please see the official notification on the consulate's website